Welcome Back

Welcome Back

By : Viking Press Staff

Tuesday, September 6 marked the end of summer vacation and the beginning of the school year for the faculty and administration. The day began with Mass at 8am, celebrated by Father Reilly. The other priests on the faculty, Fr. Ciolak, Fr. McCarthy, and Fr. Garisto, concelebrated the Mass in the chapel. During his homily, Father Reilly pointed out that each teacher is unique and has a part to play.

“The Mass helps start the year with a faculty united in prayer,” Latin and English teacher Mr. Dibs said. “It invigorates us and helps us to lead the students by example.”

Breakfast followed Mass in the cafeteria. Teachers greeted each other after the long summer as they shared their first meal of the new year. Father Reilly held a meeting of all Department Chairpersons in cafeteria to begin planning the new school year.

“During that meeting we exchanged ideas on how to make this year as fruitful as possible,” Foreign Language Department Chairman Mr. Higgins said.

At 9:15 a faculty briefing was held in the in auditorium. New members of the faculty were introduced and improvements such as new field lights and the Tech Deck were announced. Department meetings followed.

“I started the day as nervous as I was in freshman year,” new English teacher Ms. Lauria said, “but it began to feel like home very quickly. The other faculty members made it so much easier.”

Orientation for the faculty ended with a lunch at 10:45 when the sophomores came in. Faculty members stayed for the rest of the day, helping students with programs, iPads, photos, lockers, and chance books. The day ended with a new faculty meeting in Art Room at 2:30.


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