Mass of the Holy Spirit

Mass of the Holy Spirit

By:  Emily Jimenez and Vincent Browne

On Monday, September 19th, 2016, the school held the  traditional first school mass of the year, the Mass of the Holy Spirit. For centuries, the Mass of the Holy Spirit has been a rich tradition of Catholic schools throughout the world to call forth abundant blessings at the beginning of the academic year.

This liturgical celebration will gather our diverse community of faith, bless and rededicate us to the mission of the school and the Catholic faith, renew friendships, and welcome new members of our Sea community.

This day was one to enhance the lives of many.   The mass was held in memory of those who lost their lives on September 11th, including  alumni Patrick Buhse (Class of 1983), Micheal DeKienzo (Class of 1983), Scott Davidson (Class of 1986), Louis Arena (Class of 1987), Mark Petrocelli (Class of 1990, John Tierney (Class of 1992), Micheal D’Auria (Class of 1994), & Joseph Micheal Doyle (Class of 1994).

With a surprise visit from Cardinal Dolan, a rainy day immediately became one of joy and ecstasy.  After an entrance filled with a large grin, his eminence was introduced by our principal, Father Reilly.

The Viking Voices also sung at the mass, the opening hymn being “Come Holy Ghost”.  Archbishop Dolan gave the homily, speaking about how people need God’s grace in order to have wisdom.  He explained that when people say “Come, Holy Spirit,” they are asking for God’s wisdom, and that we need knowledge as well as wisdom, which we can only learn through God & the Church .

For his homily, Cardinal Dolan touched upon the importance of Catholic schools, the “sweat, blood, and tears” put into running them and the effects of attending them.  Knowledge and wisdom became recurring theme  connecting the gospel and our Catholic education.

One goes to school to learn and gain knowledge while the one goes to Catholic school to gain wisdom. Wisdom is not something learned, rather something acquired with life experience.

With a Catholic education students will experience a more  professional, caring, and positive learning environment.

To close his surprise visit, the cardinal granted Father Reilly permission to choose any day to have off.

Immediately following the mass was the groundbreaking ceremony for Sea’s new student center, which was a highly anticipated moment among the Sea community.  It was definitely very exciting for both the students and staff. It is wonderful that the student body was  able to come  together as a school to celebrate the mass, and September’s mass was a great way to begin the new school year.


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