Fall Production: Robin Hood

Fall Production: Robin Hood

By: Santino Aris

Fetch your bows and arrows, sharpen your swords, shine your shoes for a journey through Sherwood Forest! Aim high for the new fall drama this year.

Rehearsals started the first full week of school with the whole cast. If you are not up to par on acting lingo, the cast began on blocking the scenes for the play on stage.

Blocking is a term used by actors to emphasize stage motions, entrances, and exits during scenes. The cast is very excited and working hard to bring an excellent show this season. Many of you know about the infamous story of Robin Hood who was most known during the time of the Middle Ages. Robin Hood was an outlaw who had the mindset of stealing from the riches from the wealthy and giving them to the poor. The Fall Drama and the cast will be giving to you an even more elaborate version of the story.

The setting is in Sherwood Forest where Robin Hood has his “merry band” of various types of people who reside in the forest, and meet to discuss plans of gathering wealth to dole out to the poor.

Throughout the play new characters are introduced that you may have not heard from the notable tale. An antagonist to the plot of the play is Sheriff of Nottingham who has his differences with Robin. The Sheriff ends up sending a group of his foresters, led by Riccon Hazel, to spy on Robin and try to imprison him.

After his plan falls through, the Sheriff sends his band again to the Blue Boar Inn, and he ends up capturing a young woman, Ellen Dierwold. The “merry” band, including Ellen’s fiancé, Alan-a-Dale, make an effort to rescue Ellen from the Sheriff.

Throughout their travels they meet other characters including: Will Gamwell, King John, Bishop of Hereford, Little Jane, Friar Tuck, Much, Catherine, Eadom, Aria-a-Bland, Guy of Gisborne, Meg Scathelocke, The Prioress of Kirklees, and Marian Harper, who is Queen Eleanor’s lady in waiting. A main thing about the drama is that it is not entirely dramatic, rather there are a few characters who offer a comedic relief to the plot.

Robin Hood should bring a lot of joy and laughs to the audience in November!

Without a director leading the cast to greatness, the show would be nowhere! I had the time to speak with the Director of Robin Hood, Mr. Mackey, and he added, ” I am super excited to direct Robin Hood this fall, it’s one of the largest casts for a fall play we ever had. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

The cast has already been working very hard to get into character. Some have been perfecting their accents, others have been learning to use props, and getting the right feel for the personality of their character.

The most important thing is that the cast has been working together and helping each other with lines and different stage directions.

Rehearsals have started after school at three and have stretched until five since the beginning. As show time comes closer, the rehearsals will be longer to finally get a feel of the flow of the show.

The show is set to open November 17 and run all the way up until November 20th, closing with an afternoon show.

During the viewing of the show, audience members will have a chance to purchase “Kisses for the Cast” as well as refreshments and raffles.

So, please save the dates and come have a fun night as we take you on our journey through Sherwood Forest.


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