Hall of Saints

Here at Sea we believe that the environment in just as important as the curriculum.  That’s why we place such strong emphasis on constantly upgrading our facility.  For example, this past summer we completely renovated our second floor to include lounge style benches complete with iPad charging stations, and we also hung over 80 portraits of Saints along the walls. We’re proud to have created this environment of success and look forward to even more upgrades as time goes on.

Below you will see individual portraits of the Saints adorning our walls.  These pictures not only create an environment of success but also present a unique opportunity for our alumni, friends, and benefactors to secure a permanent place in our halls.  Below the portraits you will find a sponsorship form where you can select the Saint of your choice.  Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Anthony Rapacciuolo at alumni@josephsea.org or 718-984-6500 Ext. 5324.

Click The Name of The Saint Below To See Its Portrait.  Please Use The Form Below to Make Your Selection, Payment and Submit Your Inscription.

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