Open House 2016


What time should I arrive?

Typically more than 1,000 people attend each of our open house dates.  We recommend that you arrive no later than 2PM to ensure that you receive a tour.

Where Should I Park?

Our campus is large and has ample parking, however, given the amount of traffic we receive for Open House we offer complimentary Valet Parking Service both days of our Open House.

How Long is the Tour?

We try to keep our tours under 30 minutes, however, should a tour run slightly longer due to larger crowds we thank you in advance for your patience.

What If My Child Cannot Attend on The Specific Boys/Girls Day?

You are more than welcome to attend either date that fits your schedule.  The presentation and tour is consistent on both days.  There are two dates simply to allow you and your student ample opportunity to visit other open houses.

Do I Have to Pre-Register?

You do not have to pre-register, however, it will save you time upon your arrival if you do.  Pre-registration is a mechanism we use in order to make your visit pleasant and tours more efficient.  Should you not pre-register, our students will register you the day you attend.

My Child Isn't in 8th Grade, Can We Still Attend?

Not only should you attend, we encourage it! It’s never too early to explore all of the options available to you and your child.  We find that our range spans from as early as 6th grade to those currently in high school who may be looking to transfer.

What if I am Unable to Attend Either Date?

If our open house doesn’t accommodate your schedule, we also offer guided tours throughout the week.  You may arrange for such a tour by calling (718) 984-6500 and asking for Mr. Richard.

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Have you heard about our new Viking Student Center?  Check out our virtual rendering below for a preview.

Boys Open House is this Sunday, October 23rd from 1pm-4pm.  Our pre-registration is now closed, and we ask that you please register in person at the school.  We look forward to sharing our Full High School Experience with you and your family.

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