Welcome New Guidance Counselor

Welcome New Guidance Counselor

By: Anna Boylan

Welcoming to the Sea family, is Mrs. Moriarty. She is one of the junior guidance counselors along with Mrs. Durante. For those with last names M-Z, you will have her. Like most of us, she grew up on Staten Island. She also went to SUNY Albany and Brooklyn college.
Before coming to here  Mrs. Moriarty taught at P.S. 203 Floyd Bennett School. She became a guidance counselor because she  wanted to helpstudents be successful in school and to make the most of their education.

By the end of the year, Mrs. Moriarty wants to make sure that the juniors feel confident going into their senior year and that they have an idea of what they would like to do after they graduate. For any current juniors, some tips that she suggests are: being active












in different clubs and sports; volunteering or working as much as you
can, and taking this year very seriously in terms of academics.


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